Why Vote Elmer Porter for Board of Regents

Vote Elmer Porter for Nevada Board of Regents – District 8 

Time for Change – Time for Action! 

My name is Elmer Porter, and I am running for the Nevada Board of Regents – District 8 position.  Education is one the most valuable commodities we have for providing a stable, vibrant, healthy community, state, and country. For the past 38 years, I have worked and served in various educational positions and committees throughout Nevada as a teacher, School District Technology Director, high school coach and athletic director.  I have closely followed the actions of the Board of Regents over the past several years and believe we can do better.  It is imperative that we elect officials who understand the university and college system.  Nevada needs to elect leaders who have vision, purpose, advocate, along with a dedicated Board of Regents that fully understands the capabilities of the regions each school represents. 

The Nevada System of Higher Education has lost focus in many ways and can do a better job providing quality programs and education for students attending Nevada State institutions.  You can rest assured that I will work tirelessly to represent and promote GBC and the region it serves and expand on the possibilities that exist in the future.  I will listen, advise, praise, and hold people accountable for their actions. 

The university and college system needs to target specific programs to the needs of each community it represents and find ways to retain graduates within the boundaries of Nevada. Each university, college, and community college should have specific goals to achieve and work to obtain them in the best interests of the students and stakeholders.  As a member of the Board of Regents I will help develop and articulate the vision and mission of the university and college system while developing policies in the best interest of the students, teachers, staff, and communities.

Nevada’s post-secondary educational institutions are good, but can they improve?  The simple answer is, YES.  The harder question is HOW?  The FASTEST way to start the process to be better is to elect me as your District 8 representative to the Nevada Board of Regents.  Never assume what you get, voting by name and status.  District 8 represents most of the rural counties throughout Nevada which Great Basin College serves. We must elect people who have the same values and educational vision as the communities and institutions they serve. You can feel confident that I hold the education of students who attend Nevada schools as a top priority and will work tirelessly for the betterment of all NSHE institutions. 

Vote, Elmer Porter as your representative to District 8 on the Nevada Board of Regents.  I have the experience, dedication, and knowledge to help Nevada’s university and college system progress and steadily strive to be their best. 

Learn more about me and my positions, visit my website at  Facebook/voteelmerporter2022, Twitter at #voteelmerporter2022.  Questions? Email me at 

I appreciate your support.