Covid: The Change to Distance Education

Transition to Online Learning is Growing.

Covid-19 triggered a mass experiment for many educational institutions, even at the university and college level. The rise of online education will have a lasting impact on how and where post-secondary students learn.

The transition to more online digital learning provided some early lessons for the universities but is a common learning mechanism for the community colleges in Nevada.

Students looking to gain the skills to compete in the post-Covid world will demand more from digital education. Institutions should sieze the moment to give students and life-long learners greater flexibility in where, when, and how they learn.

The higher-education system is about to become more competitive. Every post-secondary institution on the planet has made significant investments in online tools and methods.

Key questions: Has anyone throught of these? I have!

1. Will the explosion of remote-based learning lead to more options for students?

2. Which learners are most vulnerable to disruption?

3. Will more and more online learning for degrees cost students the same amout of money than the typical on premise degrees?

4. Will online learning in Nevada appeal to international students?

5. Can job-ready skills be cultivated through online learning?

6. Are post-seconfary institutions in Nevada at an inflection point for their business model?

*Excerpt for RBC Thought Leadership 2022

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