Time for Change

Working to make Nevada’s University and Community College System better.

For the past several years I have observed and given much thought to policies, procedures and views concerning post-secondary institutions, particularly educational institutions within the Nevada System of Higher Education.  Most of my working career has been centered on education in the state of Nevada. I believe the present atmosphere surrounding NSHE, along with the current temperament of the Nevada Board of Regents, and changes within post-secondary educational perspectives need new leadership.

Education at the university and community college system level can be addressed through a variety of approaches and mechanisms as many scholars, individuals, and politicians have applied their “wisdom” to over many years. In my thinking, three items come to mind.

1. Education and political boundaries should not mix.

2. Education should be geographic in nature within the boundaries of the state. Educating at the community college level has its place, different in many aspects to the university level and visa-versa.

3. Support the roles of existing institutions and increase access to post-secondary education while protecting the needs of the students and labor markets in Nevada.

The assumption is that a post-secondary system will be more accessible if it provides students with a range of educational options, offered by diverse types of institutions. Sustaining the number of possibilities while retaining the geographic needs of the community provides students with a range of educational options and career opportunities within Nevada.

Nevada’s post-secondary educational institutions are good, but can they improve? The simple answer is, YES. The harder question is HOW? The EASIST way to start the process to be better is to elect me as your District 8 representative to the Nevada Board of Regents. Never assume what you get, voting by name and status. You can feel confident that I hold the education of students who attend Nevada schools as a top priority and will work tirelessly for the betterment of all NSHE institutions. I will:

1. Work with current NSHE administrators to better serve all university and community colleges within the Nevada System of Higher Education.

2. Provide leadership at the Nevada Board of Regents level to ensure all actions conducted by decision makers at the institution level are in the best interest of the students and stakeholders within the communities and regions they represent.

3. Encourage decisions to be based on several factors including data, science, and self-awareness instead of personal and political bias.

4. Enhance community and regional outreach programs to encourage post-secondary students and adult learners to attend Nevada universities and community colleges. Why are Great Basin College regional students outside of the Elko community attending neighboring state college nursing programs? Particularly, when GBC is a high-ranking nursing program in the region.

“Vision without execution is just hallucination”

Henry Ford

Let’s work together on making our university and community college system better!

Work with current NSHE administrators to better serve all university and community colleges within the Nevada System of Higher Education.